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Offbeat Papa

September 2, 2010

Welcome, Offbeat Mama readers!

Today I was the featured DILF at

Maybe with all the attention I’ll get around to adding some new entries to this here little blog.


Here’s a Picnik Show

June 29, 2009

Hello world!

June 29, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


April 25, 2008


Tweetgeist (n) [from “zeitgeist”, german, the intellectual and cultural climate of an era; and “tweet”, to post a message on]: The collected and distilled wisdom of one’s circle of advisors, as compiled via the “twitter” internet application.

Example: I’m not sure if that restaurant is any good; let me check the tweetgeist.

As of the time of this post, Google returns 0 hits for tweetgeist. Let’s see what happens…

[update 11:15am]: 1 hour later, there is 1 hit (this page).

[update 11:18am]: was taken back in January. Hmph.

That Other Guy

March 20, 2008

Jazz Hands!
Originally uploaded by Espressobuzz

Kate and I both performed at the Salon of Shame last Tuesday. I sang a song I wrote in 11th grade for a girl I had a crush on. I did sing this song to the girl in question, and she thought it was nice, but claims she didn’t realize it was about her.

Loneliness is a state of mind
Where you can’t see nothing ‘Cause your heart is blind
And all it is that I can see
Is the way that sometimes she smiles at me

In that smile is there a longin’
Does she wish to someone else she was belongin’
Does she wish she was here with me?
Does she know that I can set her free?

Sometimes I wonder if she really knows
And I wish that there was more that I could show
But I have to keep it all inside
Cause you are with… that other guy

Salon of Shame

January 9, 2008

Last night Kate and I became the first married couple to read at the Salon of Shame, a literary event where people expunge the demons and dorkiness of their childhoods by reading from their diaries.

I read selections from 1984, 6th grade, about a doomed software development project that was supposed to be a gift for my sister’s birthday; about “Lasers & Lords”, a Dungeons & Dragons-style game I was creating; and about trying to impress the mother of my current crush to show that I’d “make good boyfriend material”.

Kate read some pieces about a crush she had in her early teenage years. Her reading was hilarious. The mind of a 15-year-old girl is a scary place to be.

Not only are the Salon of Shame events fun events to attend (and participate in), but I feel like I’m learning invaluable insights for when Ruby hits her awkward goth/swoon phase.

Some pictures from the event can be found here:

Tee hee

December 9, 2007

Just click here.

Goodbye, My Little Furry Friend

December 8, 2007

So few got to know you; even fewer understood you. And now, you are gone… forever?


Overlapping Worlds

November 20, 2007

As I was walking towards my building this morning, a woman asked me if I knew where the DSHS was (DSHS = Department of Social and Health Services).  I didn’t.

Rumor has it there are lots of social services in this area, but I don’t know where any of them are.

However, I know the locations of at least three cookware shops within a few blocks of here.

A Poem I Inadvertently Wrote Over IM

November 19, 2007

Steve says (3:23 PM):

you yelled right after my browser crashed, taking down pandora with it
there was a nice bit of silence
filled with your grief
but usually the music drowns out whatever you’re doing