Eating, Regressed

Well, apparently I gloated too soon.

A few months ago a (different) set of parents in our parents group talked about how their child was vomiting, and my question to them was, “how do you tell the difference between vomit and spit-up?” Well, now I know: if it’s green and stinks and keeps going and going, flowing out onto the floor of the Safeway produce department, then it’s vomit.

That was 2 hours ago, and Ruby had another much smaller spell after we got home. Now she’s lethargic and a little whiny, but no new emissions. Kate is putting her to bed and hopefully she’ll wake up feeling better.

On the bright side, she’s way more cuddly when she’s not feeling well.


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One Response to “Eating, Regressed”

  1. My Name Is Ruby » Vomit #2 Says:

    […] Today we took Ruby over to a friend’s house for the evening.  She was playing quietly with one of our hosts when we got the report that she was throwing up.  Other than giving us a second look at her dinner, Ruby seemed perfectly fine (if a little quiet).  She went to sleep at our friend’s house on schedule and didn’t fuss during the transfer from pack ‘n play to car to crib. Now we’re left wondering if there’s something in common between this incident and the last one.  Today’s dinner was sweet potatoes (which she eats all the time) and polenta (aka corn grits), which she hadn’t eaten before — although she has eaten corn in the form of hominy.  The common ingredient between the two suspect dinner was onions, although in very small quantities both times. […]

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