Week #2

My second week of stay-at-home-dadness has begun.

Last week went surprisingly well.  Granted, Kate is only working half-days so I’m only alone with Ruby for 6 hours at a time instead of 10.  But still, I enjoyed my time with Ruby.  I’m getting much better at just sitting and playing with her for long stretches.  A few weeks ago, that would have seemed really boring, but I think we’ve both changed: Ruby is more engaging, and I’m more willing to be engaged.

I was also happy to find that Ruby takes a pretty long nap in the morning.  Right now she’s asleep in her sling, and I’m completely free to use the computer.  She’ll sleep like this for an hour or two, especially if she’s in the sling, and so I have a nice slice of time to work on Feedwhip every day.  She tends to take more frequent, shorter naps in the afternoon, which are less conducive to concentrating on my code.

Because she’s more awake and active in the afternoons, we’ll probably use that time for running, shopping, or other physical activities like gardening or cooking.



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